What MA Squash Is…

Massachusetts Squash is the governing body of the game of squash in Massachusetts and is a member of the United States Squash Association (US Squash). MA Squash is a not-for-profit organization and is governed by an Executive Board elected annually by the membership. The purpose of this association is to promote the game of squash in the state of Massachusetts. MA Squash now has approximately 1400 members and will continue to grow with your help. Please feel free to contact us at our web site at www.ma-squash.org or directly contact individual Board members.

The following are the benefits available to you through your membership:

  • One year membership expiring after 12 months.
  • Organized league play in open skill levels, women’s, 50+ and handicapped Summer League run by MA Squash.
  • Entry discount for local, sanctioned tournaments in which to play.
  • Junior tournament schedule and MA Squash sponsored Junior Development Program.
  • Free entry into the annual state singles, age groups and doubles tournaments.
  • Automatic membership in US Squash, the national squash association.
  • lncludes one year’s subscription to Squash Magazine.
  • MA Squash newsletters with local tournament results, articles, and junior activities.
  • MA Squash Sponsorship and support of local professional tournaments.
  • Rules and Referee Clinics: learn the rules of squash and their practical application from experts. Gain confidence when called on to referee a match.
  • Yearly Massachusetts & national rankings for singles, juniors, and league teams based on tournament and league play.
  • Annual Award Ceremony and members ‘party.
  • MA Squash support for SquashBusters, a youth enrichment program.
  • Annual MA Squash junior scholarship award to send a junior to squash camp.
  • MA Squash Web Site for local, current and relevant information and links to squash-related sites. Click on the MA Squash web site at: www.ma-squash.org and the US Squash web site at: www.us-squash.org.

Volunteer Oportunities
MA Squash is a volunteer organization. Participation in all of the areas listed above is encouraged and welcomed. Contact any of the Executive Board members for more information.