MA Squash is excited to announce the creation of the MA Squash League Championship Cup in 2017. This title will be awarded to the club that has the best overall results in league play during a season.

Each year, the winner of the League Cup will receive a plaque, and the club name will be etched on a permanent trophy that will rotate yearly to the winning club.

The club with the most points will claim the League Cup, as determined by the following system: 5 points for a league winner, 3 points for a league finalist, and 1 point for a league semifinalist. For teams that are a blend of two clubs, each club will receive half the points in each category.

In the event of a tie in points, the winner will be determined by the order of the League Rules: 1. percentage of team matches won by each team during playoffs (dividing the number of match points each team has won by the total number of match points available to said team during playoffs); 2. individual matches won by each team during playoffs; 3. individual games won by each team during playoffs; and 4. individual points won by each team during playoffs.

Come cheer for your club at the first League Finals Night on Thursday, March 30 at Harvard’s Murr Center, and follow the points race to determine who will win the inaugural League Cup!