MA Squash State Tournaments

Among the many advantages of MA Squash membership is the opportunity to play in any of 27 distinct draws in the softball singles tournament offered to MA Squash members to cap off the season. There are skill level draws from novice to pro, age brackets from 30+ to 70+, and both open and women’s draws. Over 600 people participated in the singles tournament in 2015, and interest in the tournament has increased 20% since 2010.

 All matches prior to the championship in each draw are self-scheduled, giving many players the opportunity to visit different clubs without a guest fee. Participation in the tournament is free, and all in the MA Squash community are invited to attend the yearly finals evening in April, which features unforgettable squash, friendly competition, camaraderie, and refreshments!  If you are unable to participate in the MA Squash league or are looking for even more ways to diversify your partner list, the state tourney is a great way to meet similarly skilled players from other clubs. Registration for the singles state tournament typically begins in late fall.

 Additionally, MA Squash sponsors yearly hardball and softball doubles tournaments, with draws based on skill level, age, and a variety of family relationships.