Leagues Frequently Asked Questions 2016/2017

1. How do I enter a team into the league?

You need to submit your roster by September 23, 2016

2.  If a player’s rating is above 3.51 for the 3.5 League as of September 23, they are not eligible, correct?

Yes – players must have a rating that is equal to or below the league that they play in.

3. If a player’s rating is below 3.5 and halfway through the season beats everyone and gets to 3.6, can they continue to play in the 3.5 league?

Yes – players that are eligible to play on September 23rd can continue to play out the season in their league.

However, the rules do say that the league chairperson retains discretion over rare circumstances to promote any player out of the league if he/she clearly began play at too low a skill level. Any matches played stand, even if a player is promoted.

4. If a player starts at 4.52 rating and loses a few matches in 5.0 and their rating decreases to 4.4 can they go down to 4.5, or are they locked in at 5.0 for the rest of the season?

No – the player is not eligible to play in the 4.5 league even though their rating is now below 4.5. Players may not move down to league for which they are not qualified at the start of the season.

5. What if a player does not have a rating?

The player must obtain a rating before being eligible to play. The are required to play 3 matches and record them on US Squash website. The matches can be ‘friendlies’ or ‘challenge’ matches.

6. What if my rating is a 4.01 and my club does not have a 4.5 team, is it possible to be able to play the season?

Yes – you should let the chair of the 4.5 league that you are interested in a ‘bandit’ team.

7. If a player plays up a league 6 or more times, are they no longer eligible to play in the lower league?

No – the rules have been simplified, and if you are eligible to play in the league as of September 23, you are eligible to play out the season.

8. Do players who passed the referee exam in 2013 or some other time in the past have to take the test again?  Would it make a difference if players moved up a division?  

No.  You only have to take the exam once — even if you move up a division.

9. How does the rule of ‘order of play’ work?

Each team’s line-up of players shall be in order of their club’s current challenge ladder, which must be posted to the US Squash website to be considered valid, or in the absence of a valid ladder, according to the players’ US Squash ratings.

Instructions for creating a challenge ladder on US Squash

10. What is the schedule for each of the leagues?

Monday Open 3.0, Open 50+

Tuesday Open 5.5, Women’s 2.5/3.0+ Hybrid League

Wednesday Open 4.0 , Open 5.0, Women’s 4.0 RR, Summer League

Thursday Open 3.5, Open 4.5

11. When does the league begin?

Wednesday October 12, 2016

12. When does the league end?

Thursday, March 30, 2017.  For the first time – Mass Squash will have a League Finals night at the Murr Center at Harvard.

13.  Where can I find the rules for league?

Mass Squash League Rules