What is the Women’s Hybrid 2.5/3.5+ League all about??

It’s about women that love to play women — the land of more lobs and drops, relatively less power for power’s sake shots, and as much grace as squash on the courts.  It’s about club-based teams that field 5 women every week, typically 3-4 players rated <3.0 plus 1-2 players rated 3.0-3.75 depending on the rosters for the two teams playing each week.  Some of the women play in both the open league and the women’s league for their skill level.  Others play exclusively in the open OR the women’s hybrid, depending on squash expertise and the convenience of their home club.  All the fun that exists in any league can be found here in spades – camaraderie, competitive squash, chances to learn and watch and excel, half the games at home and half the games at clubs in and around town, and great exercise!  A few of the clubs (not all) will occasionally accommodate nomad players to fill out their roster, so if your home club doesn’t have a women’s hybrid team yet, contact Lisa Putukian with the subject  “Sign me up” and we’ll try to find a place for you to play.  Timing is the same as the open leagues, October through March.  Women’s hybrid plays Tuesday nights.

In addition, Women’s Round Robins are organized periodically for those rated approximately 3.1 – 4.5.  Contact Susan Greene  with the subject  “Sign me up” if you’re interested in the almost monthly round robins on Wednesdays.