Boston sent 17 players to Denver the weekend of March 3-6 for the US National Doubles tournament, the largest number from any one city except Denver. We took home four national championships and had great showings in almost every division:
   Open: Graham Bassett & Preston Quick (Denver) – Champions
              Julian Kirby & Ryan Mullaney: lost in 1st round, finished 10th
              Jon Hyett & Max Montgelas: lost in quarters, finished 6th
    40+: Charlie Humber & Chris O’Brien – lost in quarters, finished 6th
    50+: Andrew Slater & Ed Chilton (Wilmington, DE) – Champions
            Doug Lifford & Scott Poirier: lost in quarters, finished 5th   
    55+: John Nimick & Jamie Heldring (Philadelphia) – lost in semis, finished 3/4
    60+: Sandy Tierney & Sean McDonough (Toronto) – lost in semis, finished 3/4
    65+: John Brazilian & Malcolm Davidson – lost in semis, finished 3rd
    70+: Tom Poor & Molson Robertson (Toronto) – Champions
    75+: Lenny Bernheimer & Bart McGuire (Denver) – Champions
    40+: Mary McKee & Berkeley Revenaugh (San Francisco) – lost in finals
The US Nationals, of course, is a warm-up for the MA state hardball doubles tournament, which will end with finals on May 15. Time for everyone to dig in!
– Tom Poor